Project managers have and deliver results within tight schedules and budget. In this course participants will learn to solve typical project management problems by following principles of PMBOK®.   In the IT field, the PMP may be precise for managers who are profoundly concerned in vicinity such as network design IT projects. The PMP certification reveals that a project manager (PM) comprehends the basics of project management and can set them into experience.

This course will also help the participants to pass PMP® credential of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. PMP® is recognized as the universal standard of the profession. This course also fulfills PMI’s 40 contact hour’s training/PDUs requirement
Brief Contents: Introduction to PMI & PMP
Certificate: Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation to claim 40 PDUs by eVentureSolutions (EVS)
Course Project:
Objectives: Develop good understanding of all knowledge areas of the PMBOK® 4th Edition 

As task of SEO from AVS learning is to assist you capitalize on your return from SEO and internet marketing, somewhat than advertise you every thing we can, education, information and training are one of our nucleus providing.

Search engine optimization course will offer you the essential information to association, supervise and keep up a victorious SEO operation and achieve enhanced web site search engine pose on the world’s extremely well-liked search engines and directories.

Our latest SEO course will offer you the necessary knowledge to raise your site compatibility with search engines and become skilled at how to optimize a web site that uses extremely multifarious design technologies such as dynamic contented, tables and flash. Unless you are already familiar with search engine optimization techniques, we suggest you first take our SEO starter course.

SEO course establish your company the capacity to how fitting keywords drive traffic, reassess methods in valid time, how to be traffic optima. SEO course and then SEO training will assist you to originate site configuration, site optimization statistical scrutiny as well as link building tactics. SEO training courses suggest demonstrated results. It course met requires with being programs which will completely advantages your company.

This course is supervised with the tutor assigned to lead students through the lesson material and analysis their projects. Scarcely those students desire to get industry renowned SEC Certification in Search engine optimization must receive the certification description of the course under instructor direction and make a 90 percent generally pass.

Textile Designing

To create newest and powerful visual communication a strong foundation in concept development all over the world, there are visual thinking & design techniques is required in modern age. The basic goal of this program is to offer a well technical knowledge of all features of textile design. Students will be optimistic to merge their artistic revelation with the methodological features of construction. They will be skilled to exploit computer assistant design software to create designs for, woven, printed fabrics and knitted.
This course will assist you to develop these skills via case studies & projects in the field of information technology. You will get better knowledge and learn application of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator in designing corporate distinctiveness, websites, attractive posters, catalogs etc. At this place you will also learn developing 2D animations using Adobe Flash.
Brief Contents: Using Drawing Tools * Importing Graphics
Certificate: AVS Certified Graphics Designer
Course Project:
There are participants will be required to design logo, stationary, posters etx using Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw, layout of Website in Adobe Photoshop & animated intro / interactive CD of a company in Adobe Flash. AVs is a great place where you get a great chance regarding Graphics Designing.
Objectives: Basics of Drawing & Design.

When programming in Visual Basic .NET, you can select to entrance the registry by means of either the functions offered by Visual Basic .NET. Whereas Visual Basic functions prove sufficient in most cases, some situations may use the .NET construction.
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the next generation platform for creating rich user interfaces (UIs) with the Microsoft .NET Framework. Using WPF, developers and designers can easily create programs that are dynamic, data-driven and visually appealing. In this course participants will learn to program applications that integrate the major components of WPF. You also learn how to target your WPF applications for multiple platforms with Silverlight
The registry hordes information from the operating system and information from submissions hosted on the mechanism. Working with the registry may give and take protection. Consequently, you should intimately analyze code that contacts the registry to make certain that it fakes no menace to the safety of the machine on which it resolve sprint.
Registry admissions contain two fractions: the assessment name and the assessment. Entries are accumulated under solutions and sub solution in a system that is analogous to the file system, where files are accumulated in directories and subdirectories.

Brief Contents: Invoking JavaScript functions from Silverlight
Certificate: Certificate of Participation
Course Project:
Participants of the course will develop a commercial level demo project using WPF and Microsoft .NET 3.5 with help of our trainers.
Objectives: Develop understanding of WPF applications

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http://www.avslearning.blogspot.comA website is the basic figure of a company, superior recognized as to build or break a business. Due to this reason website are developed with utmost care and with the implementation of good efforts. In the improvement of website  two chief features are include website design and website development, however web development is a general term that is used for in all minute work engaged in developing a website, whichever for the world wide web or for the private or in house network.

We at AVS with roots in Faisalabad, Pakistan provide convention up till now dominant online technology answers to match best with the precise requires of your E-commerce portal. However we don’t fact believe that a website works sound only if the advance technology is being used, relatively offer good search engine optimization website development.

With our several years of familiarity and unrivaled skills, we provide web services modify prepared to your explicit requires, via a multiplicity of web technologies.  You acquire longing result because our marketing struggles and typical submissions put into operation into your collection of item and services assist improve your sales. pointless to bring up, we can exploit an selection of scripting languages for our maturity projects, if needed so , that contain PHP, ASP, java Script, .Net XHTML, which can be finance by way of several of the database servers like SM SQL server, My SQL or MS Access. We make certain that all W3C and Web 2.0 typical are mortal meet to carry on the application simple to level up and friendly for search engines.  

We have pass on knowledge in ecommerce web solution, diminutive business website development and optimized web maintenance. No matter how complex the development of the application had been for us, we manage it trouble-free for our customers to offer them with simple content management systems.

For website development services few of our specialties at price absolutely affordable for you include

 E-commerce web development maintain

Contact management system (CMS)

 Diminutive Business Web Site Development

Web Database Growth

Web Development Discuss

 Web Portals

An overture to office  Management which walk around the means of merging  individual, technological as well as business expertise to improve the profession visions for secretaries  and overseers. The themes roofed comprise acuity consciousness, professionalism, IT, self-management, and effortless secretarial.
Microsoft SharePoint Technologies enable the creation of business solutions that are critical to the operation of an organization, including document management, collaboration, knowledge sharing, business data portals and content-managed Web sites. This course provides the knowledge and critical skills to deploy, configure and administrate SharePoint Server in an enterprise environment.
Brief Contents: Using SharePoint with Excel
Certificate: Certificate of Participation
Course Project:
Participants of the course will plan, deploy and configure SharePoint server and create a collaborative portal with SharePoint Server to demonstrate their understanding of SharePoint Server features. All project work will be completed under supervision of our trainers.
Objectives: SharePoint Products and Technologies