Monday, 14 October 2013

SEO Friendly Links

seo frindly

 It is the desire of every website owner that the rank of his website is higher and gets the top rank in all search engine results because this will ensure that his website gets higher number of visitors and the traffic is raised which will increase the revenue for him. Among all the possible steps that you have taken to ensure this thing SEO friendly links can serve better job than any other thing. This process comprises of adding links of your website on other sites and making some simple changes accordingly so that the web traffic is increased to the website so that a suitable rank of your website is obtained as it is a common fact that search engines cannot interpret codes and graphics.
It is now a common practice of the webmasters to add SEO friendly links to the directories to increase the traffic and for this purpose many directories are used among which some are paid and some are free to use. But it is very important that the best directory that can serve you the best is the one which is SEO friendly. These SEO friendly links are considered as one of the best and useful promotional activity now and it is proving its worth as well.
If your motives are clear about promoting your website to increase the traffic to your website than it is in your own interest to chose the best available SEOfriendly links to the web directories and choosing the link directory which gives you the best available options that you can promote your website in better way. There are many tips and tricks that are to be kept in mind while going to perform this procedure as it is very critical procedure.
The basic features of best SEO friendly links are that they are easily readable by the search engines and these directories can convert the dynamic links into static links so that these are made spider able and search engines find the information quickly.
It is best to use the direct links because the redirect links are not considered as the back links so using them is not a good option and your website can also lose its status on the search engine results. Number of links on a page also defines the rank of the website because if a page has too many links than it can lose its rank so it is advised that you should keep the SEO friendly links up to 30 for maximum results and this will ensure that your website gets the highest number of traffic and revenue for you.

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